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Stewardship & Responsible Investing with Dr. Christine Chow & Dr. Agnes K Y Tai. July 19, 2023 In this episode, Dr Christine Chow shares what effective stewardship entails and how institutional investors drive value by listening, communicating

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BlueOnion’s Chief EC.ESG Investment Strategist Dr. Agnes K Y Tai was invited to speak at HKUST Business School's the symposium on climate-related risk. March 25, 2022 The Organizer's recap:- The annual HKUST Risk Management and Business Intelligence (RMBI) Symposium

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BlueOnion’s Chief Sustainability Officer Dr. Jeanne Ng discusses challenges in adapting to an ever increasing corporate complexity in our world. Although ESG can take on an array of definitions, it inevitably calls for building better and more

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BlueOnion's Chief Sustainability Officer Dr. Jeanne Ng was recently featured in a publication on In The Black, a business magazine operated by CPA Australia. Published on November 1, 2022 Dr. Jeanne Ng along with Michael Ehrentraut and

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Founder and CEO Elsa Pau joined industry experts in discussion of key topics in Green Sustainable Finance. Published on January 29, 2021 The Organizer's recap - On January 28, we have invited industry experts at the forefront of

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Elsa Pau of BlueOnion comments on state of climate-related financial reporting in Asia-Pacific. Published on October 13, 2022 "Many companies and asset managers in Hong Kong and Singapore are approaching reporting as a “compliance exercise” and to

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By Twinkle Zhou, senior reporterAsian Private Banker | September 2022 BlueOnion has built a portal that provides access to quantitative and qualitative benchmark dataConnectingBy connecting buy and the sell side of investment products. It caters to investors

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Elsa Pau, Founder of Blueonion, speaks about ESG investing at the Environmental Finance Asia conference "We can produce more data for asset managers to have more meaningful and productive engagement when considering potential investments. The stewardship scope

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Elsa Pau of BlueOnion discusses how asset managers can untangle the mess of ESG data. Published on March 03, 2022 Elsa Pau has gone from publishing to data and now to fintech, with her startup BlueOnion. She