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Address Climate Issues Drive Social Equity Raise Moral Duties

Responsible Capitalism is at the hands of the asset owners to drive changes for the generations to come. They do that by investing directly in socially responsible companies or through managers with the best stewardship.


Find the like-minded investment managers


Define a peer group, compare and deep dive


Dive into the three-dimensional lenses


Meet the managers and validate their pitches
Your research partner

Identify the Best

Stewards for your Investments

As your sustainable investment objectives evolve, you want a partner who understands the behavior of the buy and sell-side of investments and focuses on your goals with genuine interests.

BlueOnion brings transparency and clarity to global funds and companies in the public market, encouraging investors to make informed and sustainable decisions.  

While many are judging their managers by hindsight performance and luck, BlueOnion serves as a third-party validator to confirm that managers are for real, walking their talks, practicing what they preach, and are exercising best stewardship for the investors' capital.

Responsible Screening

Identify The

Right Companies & Funds

BlueOnion's advanced search allows you to identify the funds that are most ESG focused and the most temperature aligned quickly. The sustainability-based filtering tool comes bundled with the quantitative and fundamental data on a universe of 400,000 active, passive funds and ETFs and 40,000+ companies, using 250 ESG metrics from 30,000 sources in over 170 countries.  


Use the most powerful filtering tools to zoom into the most aligned strategies by performance, personal preferences, and sustainable behavior.


Build multiple portfolio watchlists for investment objectives and styles to assess over 100+ KPIs and get instant access to key fund fact pages and documentation.

Perform in-depth

Peer analysis

BlueOnion allows you to drill deeper into a strategy. Compare funds of the same types over 50 KPIs, with 41 Qualitative metrics with 189 attributes derived from over 530 inputs of the five key pillars to understand sustainable performance's potential over the long term. In addition, 22 sustainability topics, 33 business involvement filters, and 5 forward-looking climate indicators, to help spot performers aligned to your value. 

Instant Due Diligence

Specify the due diligence reports you'd like to receive from the managers, and get instant access to private and public documentation.

Engage with managers

Connect with the manager for due diligence reports, stewardship reports, and presentation decks without being pitched directly.
Manager Selection

Five Pillars of

Qualitative Research

The tool leverages drills deeper into a strategy. It quantifies the 41 Qualitative metrics with 189 attributes derived from over 530 inputs of the five key pillars to understand sustainable performance's potential over the long term. The feature layer aggregates hundreds of inputs along the five critical pillars of a fund’s qualitative strength, rather than relying on hindsight and past performances.  

Investment Process

7 features 27 attributes of team’s idea generation, principles, and approach, including investment style, accountability, market changes responses, ESG material consequences, etc.

Portfolio Construction

7 features 17 attributes of portfolio construction principles, including portfolio limits, liquidity capacity, active shares, investment and divestment bases, research resources, security weight, etc.

Performance & Risk

6 features 30 attributes of performance risks generated, including alpha sources, investor diversification, net returns above benchmark, drawdowns, recovery, stress testing, etc.


5 features 32 attributes towards a serious approach on the manager’s engagement disclosure, stewardship principles, engagement frequency, responsible shareholding, and voting disclosures, etc.

Corporate Quality

13 features 52 attributes to reflect the parent company’s corporate citizenship, transparency on key-man events and material redemptions, AUM change, skin in the game, compliance protocol, breaches and remedies, etc.


Due Diligence Workflow

Interactive dashboard to manage the approval process for funds you're interested for your mandate.  View factsheets and other documentation and evaluate the qualitative feasibility using the BlueOnion metrics. Communicate with the manager directly and receive notifications when a document has been received.  Take actions for funds that are approved or rejected. 

RFP Initiation

Invite fund houses to pitch by responding to the BlueOnion DDQ, submitting suitability documents, or sending a request for additional quantitative data and stewardship reports via the BlueOnion portal.

Peer Experience

Go beyond the documents for a deeper dive, send confidential requests, and attend the annual Gatekeeper Forum to meet the portfolio managers together with your peers.

Exclusive Platform

For Manager Intelligence

A comprehensive library to feature the best-of-the-best managers and strategies selected by a prestigious panel of gatekeepers. The Gatekeeper Register is also a live forum where interviews with Fund Managers and CIOs are held annually in different time zones allowing asset owners and due diligence personnel to conduct a deeper analysis of the team and the strategies. 

Research and Ideas

Exclusive gatekeeper access to award-winning strategies packed with videos, documents, research, reports, ideas, and themes related to the fund.


P2P Commentaries

A collection of commentaries and observations shared by asset owners, gatekeepers, and consultants for peer assessment. A must-read before onboarding.


Gatekeeper Forum

A highly curated forum that connects the buy and sell-side of funds and empowers gatekeepers to look under the hood before they invest.

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