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What makes a good fund to invest in is its sustainability, driven by top-down management with genuine ethics. They are the best stewards for investors' capital, and they care about the planet they operate their business.

Investigative Research

Go beyond

the numbers

While many are judging their managers by hindsight performance and luck, BlueOnion seeks to confirm that managers are walking their talks and are exercising best stewardship for the investors' capital.

BlueOnion's advanced search allows you to identify the funds that are most ESG focused and the most temperature aligned quickly and easily. The sustainability-based filtering tool comes bundled with the quantitative and fundamental data on an unmtached universe of 300,000 active, passive funds and ETFs and 40,000+ companies, using 250 ESG metrics from 30,000 sources in over 100+ countries.  

Fundamentals & Profiling

Sustainability Rankings & Scoring

Qualitative Scoring & Assessment

Monitoring & Intelligence

Fundamentals & Profiling

Comprehensive & Timely

Data to fuel your research

BlueOnion allows you to focus your quantitative searches and let you drill down to the constituents of the entire portfolio to preview the companies weighting, sustainability scoring and fundmentals.

Constituents Drill Down


Gives you the full holdings of each strategy and their market caps, exchanges, industries, plus their ESG, GC, and temperature exposures.

Portfolio Fundamentals


The Fund level P/E, P/B, relative strength, price momentum, the managers and their tenure, turnover, etc.

Peer Comparison & Analysis


Allows you to compare funds of the same type over 50 KPIs, including investment styles, ESG, UN Global Compact and temperature alignment.

Style & Objective Searches


Filter funds from 9 investment styles, and over 60 investment objectives, including risk and return, ESG inclusion, countries exclusions, etc.

Sustainability Rankings

Risk Exposures in

ESG, GC and Temperature

Hold managers accountable with their ESG strategies by analyzing their sectors, industries, investment and divestments actions to validate that they’re following their stated ESG integration philosophies. The data-driven process for outcomes reflects how they’ve taken materiality issues of specific ESG issues into their investment processes.

ESG Screening

ESG Screening

Featuring 33 ESG topics in emissions, biodiversity, water, environmental stewardship, diversity, product safety, shareholders' rights, forensic accounting...



Set tolerance for 33 personal preferences, including thermal coal, alcohol, adult entertainment, firearms, fossil fuel, tobacco, GMO, gambling, etc.



Measure funds' global warming in 5 climate impact indicators, including near-term and long-term Temperature score, Target, Scope 3, and Trend.

Global Compact

Global Compact

Responsible businesses enactment towards the United Nation’s GC goals for human rights, labor rights, environmental, and anti-corruption.

Qualitative Assessment

Five Pillars for

Manager Selection

The tool leverages drills deeper into a strategy. It quantifies the 41 Qualitative metrics with 189 attributes derived from over 530 inputs of the five key pillars to understand sustainable performance's potential over the long term. The feature layer aggregates hundreds of inputs along the five critical pillars of a fund’s qualitative strength, rather than relying on hindsight and past performances.  

01. Investment Process


7 features 27 attributes of team’s idea generation, principles, investment style, accountability, ESG material consequences, market response...

02. Portfolio Construction


7 features 17 attributes of construction principles, portfolio limits, liquidity capacity, investment and divestment bases, resources, security weight...

03. Performance & Risk


6 features 30 attributes of performance risks, alpha sources, investor diversification, net returns, drawdowns, recovery, stress testing...

04. Stewardship Practice


5 features 32 attributes of the manager’s engagement frequency and disclosure, stewardship principles, voting policies and disclosures, responsible shareholding...

05. Corporate Quality


13 features 52 attributes to reflect the parent's transparency on key-man events and material redemptions, AUM change, compliance and reporting protocol, skin in the game...

Gatekeeper Register

Exclusive Platform

For Manager Intelligence

A comprehensive library to feature the best-of-the-best managers and strategies selected by a prestigious panel of gatekeepers. The Gatekeeper Register is also a live forum where interviews with Fund Managers and CIOs are held annually in different time zones allowing asset owners and due diligence personnel to conduct a deeper analysis of the team and the strategies. 

Research and Ideas

Exclusive gatekeeper access to award-winning strategies packed with videos, documents, research, reports, ideas, and themes related to the fund.


P2P Commentaries

A collection of commentaries and observations shared by asset owners, gatekeepers, and consultants for peer assessment. A must-read before onboarding.


Gatekeeper Forum

A highly curated forum that connects the buy and sell-side of funds and empowers gatekeepers to look under the hood before they invest.

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