Advisory Council Member

  • Advisory Council Member

Advisory Council member

Mr. Mahesh Harilela

“ESG is a constantly evolving paradigm of activity and measurement where the varying standards of qualification can be quite complex and requires certain skill set to navigate. BlueOnion has been able to deliver a platform that allows any/all investors to understand the critical elements involved in ESG compliances with real time toggles that amplify strengths in qualifications. It gives me great pleasure to be an advisor to the talented team", Mr. Mahesh Harilela

Mahesh has been involved in creating and developing companies from general trading, brand development, Renewable Energy Infrastructure, Agriculture, and Education.
He has been involved with management and investments in companies that embarked on ESG activities since 2009. In the last decade, he has seen a significant evolution and opening of ideas that allow people and businesses to be more accessible and available to longer-term solutions in building environmental and social sustainability with its core of good governance practices.