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  • Management Team

Chief Growth Officer

Ms. Johanna Clary

Johanna Clary is the Chief Growth Officer at BlueOnion.  She is a seasoned leader in B2B tech sales with over ten years of industry expertise.

Throughout her career, she has played pivotal roles in shaping customer growth and retention strategies, particularly during her tenure at Figma as Head of Account Management and Growth, where she was instrumental in the company's expansion into the EMEA region.

Before Figma, Johanna was at the helm of Meltwater's growth initiatives across Europe. She grew the team twofold within a few months and fostered a strong culture and a customer-centric sales approach. 

With an Executive MBA from ESCP Paris and a Master's degree In History from the University of Vienna, Johanna combines academic rigor with her rich industry insights.

As the Chief Growth Officer at BlueOnion, she is focused on ensuring market growth, fostering customer relationships, and underlining the company's commitment to ESG tech excellence.

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