BlueOnion is uniquely positioned in the asset management space to enable players to research, validate, report, and manage ethical and responsible investment portfolios and companies worldwide, from highly qualitative practice data to regulatory-driven sustainability reporting. We integrate proprietary and third-party data in a single platform to enhance product due diligence efficiency and accuracy. Our mission is to provide clarity to investors and avoid the behavior in green, blue, and SDG washing while promoting responsible capitalism.

Product & Service Summary

BlueOnion provides a deep into over 500 data points derived from a rich database with over millions of data combining independently researched data and proprietary qualitative data from specialist providers in addition to its own. The portal adopts a 3-dimensional approach by covering the instruments’ quantitative performance data, qualitative assessment, and sustainability frameworks under one roof, saving the users time and money. The product aims to assist small to mid-tier buy and sell-side of investments to research, validate, simulate, and report with MRI-like clarity and a fully customizable value-based dashboard, meeting the demands of multi-jurisdiction regulators and investors financiers, advisors, and researchers.

BlueOnion offers five different HUBs on-demand and each hub comes with underlying data covering 34,000 public and large local companies from over 98 countries.

The Fund Hub

The Fund Hub covers 190,000 funds and ETFs across 14 countries featuring five pillars of Qualitative Strengths with over 50 data points derived from 300+ underlying metrics. This proprietary dataset serves as forward-looking indicators of the fund houses’ capability to deliver in the future. Users can examine the full constituent’s holdings within their ESG, Global Compact, and Temperature ratings and the aggregated scoring and ratings as a fund.

The Climate Hub

The Climate Hub is a specialized hub for climate-focused investors and researchers. The hub dives into the Emission data of over 30,000 companies’ Scope 1, 2, and 3 by Tons/$Mil, the investment’s GHG emissions, positive environmental and social flags for green revenue, renewable energy, or SDGs, and much more. See whether the investment aligns with the TCFD over 4 KPIs and 11 topics, SFDR over 91 metrics, and Islamic finance over 43 metrics. This hub also offers unique data on companies and funds’ Temperature ratings according to the Paris Accord, the SBTI’s Target, and Trend.

The Company Hub

The Company Hub provides unique search parameters using underlying sustainability metrics to zoom into companies with the highest performers over 22 ESG KPIs. Unique for asset managers to compose a bespoke index targeting for an impact investment profile. Immediate comparisons against Sector, Country, and Global ESG performance and alignment with regulatory benchmarking such as the TCFD and SFDR, while seeing the company’s alignment with the UNSDG’s 17 goals.

The Portfolio Hub

The Portfolio Hub allows investors to compose and aggregate stocks, bonds, funds, cash, and ETFs into multiple portfolios. Investors can see through their portfolio and identify companies and funds that misbehave in climate, contains controversial businesses, and underperform in ESG and Global Compact, etc. Unlike conventional benchmarking for performance, investors can choose from over 120 carefully selected ETFs to benchmark against over 500 data points.

The Impact Hub

The Impact Hub provides investors focused on achieving proactive impact a one-stop solution to meeting the EU’s SFDR’s Article 9 requirements and other countries who have adopted this standard. For those who want to dedicate their capital to accomplishing the UNSDG’s 17 goals, the hub clarifies companies, funds, and ETFs and their level of alignment against these goals while highlighting the materiality issues that may be counterproductive to investor’s intention.


Digitized Workflow Management

Complete digitized workflow for gatekeepers due diligence and onboarding. The workbench from screening to initiating RFP to document signing and approval all in one flow.


Get access to regulators approved Fund factsheets, Key product documents, and proprietary Sustainability report and Due diligence report, Industry report, plus the self-reported Stewardship documents.

Sustainability & Fundamental Data

Full suite of fund profile, fundamentals, peer analysis, ESG & Global Compact scoring and ranking, Business Involvement, Temperature-alignment, and proprietary Qualitative capability assessment scoring.

Gatekeeper Chat Room

An exclusive and highly curated chat room for gatekeepers to exchange intelligence on a manager about their observations, findings, and experience with the manager.

Performance Management

Automated updates to quantitative, sustainability, and qualitative performances on existing portfolios or watchlists for accountability and future onboarding consideration.

Face-to-Face Due Diligence

An annual Gatekeeper Forum connects both the buy and the sell-side of funds. It empowers gatekeepers to look under the hood before investing and drill down to the team's underlying idea generation and philosophy.

Project Spun off

March 14, 2021

Launched Pilot Program

July 30, 2020

84 buy-side trial subscribers. 

August 1st, 2020

Launched MVP. 

July 30, 2021

Shareholder $300,000 funding. 

Between Jun 2020 and January 2021

Incubated team to 10 employees. 

September 1st, 2021

37 paid sell-side subscribers.

September 30, 2021


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